2 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Curly Hair

Feb. 2 1

Curly hair is one of the many types of hair. Some women may dread having these curls not knowing the kind of hairstyle to wear. Here are two wedding hairstyles that brides with curly hair can don on their big day.

Feb. 2 A

The Top Knot wedding hairstyle maybe simple but is very elegant.

Feb. 2 B

• Curl hair with a curling iron for added volume. This is better achieved with the diffuser attachment on the hair dryer.
• Pull hair backwards and make a high ponytail. Secure hair with elastic.

Feb 2 C

• Create a braid and drape it around your hair to create a bun. You can also do away with the braid and just drape the pony around the elastic.

• Use bobby pins to secure the bun and the loose strands. Spray a small amount of hairspray

Loose braid

The Loose Braid is another simple hairstyle that is very sweet and feminine.

Pigtail - Rear view

• Apply styling cream on hair. Section hair in three segments and create a braid. Secure ends with elastic.

Feb. 2 F

• Leave the loose strands to fall freely for a soft and dreamy look.

• Another version of this hairstyle is to wind the braid around the elastic and fasten it to make a bun.

Feb. H

These hairstyles are very simple, but if you want it to have a different look, a wedding hairstylist can do that for you.