2013’s Most Popular and Hottest Wedding Hairstyles

With the so many bridal hairstyle options, four emerged as the most popular and hottest wedding hairstyles in 2013. Find out what these are:

Loose Bun Hairstyle. Often accentuated with a gemmed headpiece, it can give a vintage look by opting for the asymmetrical bun. Adding curls is another technique to make it more stylish and chic.

Curly Hairstyle. This consists of having curls on updos, half-updos and even in low updos. A few curly strands are left on the sides for a modish, feminine appeal.

Braided Hairstyle. Braids are incorporated around a bun or swept down on the sides of an updo. It is also made starting from the top, kept around the head and fastened at the back with the hair down for a romantic and fresher look. Small and dainty buds are used for a brighter appeal.

Hair Down Hairstyle. Hair is left down (hair may be shoulder length or a little below the shoulders). An alternative to this hairstyle is to pin half of the hair to the side with a headpiece or flower to make a statement.

Most of the popular bridal hairstyles this 2013 looks more natural showing off the innate shine of the hair. Thus, keeping your hair healthy is necessary to achieve the above wedding hairstyles to perfection.