4 Options for the Bun Wedding Hairstyle

The bun is every woman’s favorite hairstyle in any occasion. It projects elegance and class; thus, it is a common wedding hairstyle chosen by any bride. One good thing with the bun is it can be presented in various ways like the classic, twisted, tweaked or tousled depending on the occasion.

Option 1

The classic ballerina bun is most ideal for a traditional wedding theme. It is neat and endless. To frame your face, leave a few hair strands to soften your look. This can also be worn by bridesmaids and flower girls.

Option 2

The low bun suits a garden or beach wedding. It fits a romantic theme because of its relaxed appeal. Make a knotted twist and fasten it with bobby pins. Keep the hair in place by spritzing a small amount of hairspray.

Option 3

The high and wide bun worn by Audrey Hepburn in her movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”. This is fitting for a retro-style and shorter wedding dress. Use a dazzling tiara or pearls to accessorize the bun.

Option 4

The side bun with matching fresh flowers. You can also opt to have a hair comb with buds that matches your bouquet.

Whether you choose option 1 or 3 does not matter. What is important is that you feel comfortable on wearing your chosen bun wedding hairstyle.