A Bride’s Options for Short Wedding Hairstyle

The first thing that comes to mind when selecting a wedding hairstyle is wearing a chignon, bun, loose waves, French twists or anything that is ideal for long hair. This being said, most brides opt to grow their hair; but does it matter if a bride decides to wear a short hairstyle on her wedding?

If you are to ask me, I will say no. Short wedding hairstyle is absolutely not a wrong choice. There are several short hairstyles that are chic, stylish, stunning and sophisticated. For a bride who prefers to don a short hairstyle, here are some options.

The Short Bob Hairstyle. A totally classic appeal and easy to maintain, this hairdo is never outdated. The short bob have various styles that will suit your personality and your wedding dress.

Rendering style and a modern appeal is the Straight Bob. Sleek and straight, this cut is shorter at the back than at the front. Parted in the middle part, the ends curls just above the jaw line while the roots is elevated for additional volume.

The Half-up Bob Hairstyle. To style this cut, get two parts of hair, pull them back and fasten these behind the crown of your head. Braiding these sections will make it look romantic. Frame your face by wearing accessories like crystals, flowers, or feathers. Letting loose some strands of hair will do the same. This cut is more feminine-looking than the short bob.

The Vintage or Retro Bob Hairstyle. Perfect for a vintage-styled wedding dress, this hairstyle features more curls. Side-parted, the front section curls inwards around the line of the eyes.