A Fresh Wedding Makeup Appeal

As a bride, you do not always need to follow the rules of being fully made up. You can choose to have less makeup to achieve a fresh wedding makeup appeal.

If you are gifted with big eyes, naturally pink cheeks and full lips, you do not need to wear too much makeup in order to have that blushing bride look. Coat lashes with light mascara and apply a soft touch of eyeliner. Accentuate the natural facial structure by applying a darker shade of blush while use a bright red lip color for your lips.

For blue eyes, use a dash of dark purple around the outer side of your eyes and draw out dramatic lashes with a touch of mascara. Do not use any blusher and color your lips with a glossy pink lipstick to highlight its natural look.

To make a more natural wedding makeup look, use a natural pink lipstick and pink blusher on your cheeks. Apply a darker eye shadow towards the external borders of the eyes for a wide-eyed virginal look. Do not coat your lashes with mascara.

Even with a fresh and nude look, you can still get that youthful and fresh looking wedding makeup appeal.