A Mixture of Classic Curls and the 1940s for a Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle

Feb. 22 A

If you want to have a different twist for your wedding hairstyle, try the combination of classic curls with a 1940s edge. This hairstyle has the curls are turned inward and towards your face.

Feb. 22 B

You will need a medium-barrel curling wand and a heat spray. The heat spray will protect your hair from getting damaged.

Wrap an inch-wide section of your hair around the curling wand. Curl the hair in your direction. Do this to the rest of your hair.

Feb. 22 C

Gently brush through the waves using a soft dressing brush. This will help to loosen the curls for added style and glamour.

Sweep your hair onto one side so hair will fall back on your shoulder. This will prevent the hair from covering the entire neckline of your dress.

Feb. 22 D

To give the wave at the front a boost, backcomb the fringe.

Spray a small amount of hairspray to prevent the curls from falling.

Feb. 22 E

This wedding hairstyle would suit a wedding dress that has a lower or a laced neckline. It is also appropriate for any wedding theme.