A Modern Technique to Doing the Traditional Low Knot Wedding Hairstyle

Depending on your wedding theme, you can choose to go traditional or modern in your choice of wedding hairstyle. Or perhaps go for the transitional hairstyle, which is a combination of both conventional and modern styles.

One such hairstyle that was given a modern touch is the traditional low knot also known as side bun.

Here is how the traditional low knot hairstyle was given a more modern and fashionable appeal.

Comb hair ensuring that it is tangle-free. Pull and gather hair on one side of your head (left or right does not matter as long as you feel comfortable having your hair on that side of your head) and make a ponytail just a little below the ear. Tie it with an elastic band.

Create a bun by wrapping the ponytail around the elastic. (The bun can be a chain of fastened loops that look like curls or a cluster of curls.) Tuck the end of the ponytail inside the bun and pin it securely.

Secure those strands that try to escape with bobby pins. Pin a fresh flower on the top for a dainty look. You can also choose to wrap the bun with a strand of beads or gems like pearls.

Make a few twists or braids from the scalp and let it fall down the bun.

Another variation that you can do is to tease hair at the crown and create a bouffant at the back of your head. Pull the front of your hair to create a dramatic side part and pin them at the back of your ear.

Wedding hairstyles are continually changing owing to the growing artistic and versatility of modern hairstylists.