Add a Smashing Element in Your Wedding Hairstyle with Braids

The inclusion of braids adds a smashing element in your wedding hairstyle. There are several gorgeous braided hairstyles that you can choose for your wedding hairstyle.

Create a crown braid by starting the braid from the side. Add some white or pink flowers on the side for a more stylish look. This hairstyle suits brides with thick and wavy hair.

Make a big slightly loose bun. Wear it low (near your nape). Accentuate the bun with braids and twirls on the side. Add flowers for a more stylish appeal.

If your hair is quite long, you can have more creativity in your braid. Part hair on the side starting from the front and highlight it with a delicate headband. Create several braids at the back and intertwine them to create an intricate and quixotic updo. This wedding hairstyle suits a wedding dress with a simple low neckline to highlight the intertwined braids.

You can also opt to wear a French braided crown that cuts an oblique line to the back of the updo.

By adding a few braids, a classic updo wedding hairstyle can look exceedingly different and more stylish.