An Upswept Wedding Hairstyle

Simple and elegant, the upswept wedding hairdo is preferred by most brides, as it can go with any kind of gown and emphasizes their features.

The Upswept Classic Bun is commonly described as the ballet buns where the hair is pushed at the back of the head to make a bun.  It can be accessorized with a headpiece or flowers.

The French Twist or Chignon pulls the hair at the back and is twisted using hair pins.  Tiaras, decorative pins and flowers are used for more emphasis with this wedding hair style.

Swept at the back and fastened at the top of the head is the Prom Style with Curls.  A few strands are curled and clasped creating a well kept yet elegant updo.  A few lengthy bangs can be brushed above the forehead for a stylish look.  Furthermore, it looks great even with the veil.

All of these upswept wedding hair styles can be had by brides who have average to longer hair length.  Check with your hair stylist what is good for you.