Appropriate Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair need not be a problem on having a nice and charming wedding hairstyle, where your hairstylist plays a significant role.

thin hair

For a romantic hairstyle, make two horizontally sections and tease the front section using a rattail comb. Comb the front section with your fingers and fasten it back for a windswept look. Use a medium barreled curling iron to curl the ends of the remaining hair.

For a voluminous look, curl a section of an inch with a medium barreled curling iron and combed from the back moving to the top. Gather loosely to make a knot at the nape securing it with bobby pins and squirt hair spray.

Create a soft knot by spurting hairspray and teasing from the roots moving to the crown. Make a stumpy ponytail and knot it at the nape and secure with pins.

Accentuate thin hair with wedding hair accessories like flowers, rhinestone covered barrette or a comb with feathers to redirect the attention. Secure a lowly chignon with pins, slip the hair accessory and apply hairspray.