Asian Wedding Makeup – The How To’s

Applying makeup may differ depending on the occasion particularly during weddings. Following are the “how to’s” of Asian wedding makeup.

Consult a professional wedding makeup artist to find the ideal colors and shades for your skin tone.

Get facial treatments. Start 4-5 months prior to your big day. Ensure that your skin is clear and unblemished or at least close to being flawless. Have your last facial three days before the wedding.

Get your eyebrows fixed a month before to have time on fixing any problems particularly if this is your first time or have not had them done for a long time. Alternatively, get your eyebrows done a day before the wedding if these are attended to regularly.

Accentuate the eyes. Almond-shaped eyes are the common eye shape of most Asian women. Pay close attention to the eyes and choose eye shadow that complements the wedding dress. Black eyeliner and mascara are perfect because give more focus on the eyes and come better in photos. Add a little shade of dark brown or grey eye shadow to the bottom of the lower lashes to give definition to the eyes for photos.

Focus on the lips. Most Asian women have thin lips. Make them appear fleshy by using a moisturizer like applying Vaseline. Use a nude color lip liner to outline the lips then apply your chosen lip color. Use a tissue to blot the lipstick. Apply lip color once more and dab a lip gloss.

Drink plenty of water for a healthier skin.

Follow these Asian wedding makeup tips and you will surely shine on your big day.