Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Some couples prefer a beach wedding for they consider it more relaxing because of its informal setting. It requires simple decorations and casual attire. However, brides need to make sure that they sport a wedding hairstyle appropriate for a beach wedding so as not to have a muddled look.

Beach wedding hairstyles are aplenty. If your hair is long, you can try one of the following hairstyles.

A loose bun with some strands accessorized with flowers

A loose bun with some free-flowing curls to create a windswept appeal

A tousled hairstyle will also be appropriate for a beach wedding accentuated with some hair band decorated with tiny flowers.

You can also spray some water to your hair to moisten it and apply some styling mousse. Using low heat, blow your hair dry and massage in waves using your fingers. Roll your hair in a loose knot and have a few fresh flowers like plumeria for accentuation.

An updo wedding hairstyle is easier to do. What you need is to have a good styling cream applied and work it on your still damp hair.