Blusher, Lipstick and Lip Gloss: Wedding Makeup Tips that Every Bride Should Know

Your wedding makeup will not be complete without putting on blush. Make your blush look more natural by picking a brush that has the same size with that of your cheekbone. Put a small quantity of blush on the brush and dab it onto your cheekbones and slowly move it towards your temples. Get a new makeup sponge and blend it. Using a sponge will make the blush to blend well with the foundation and to stay longer.

As for your lipstick and lip gloss, choose red, pale pink or nude shades. The red lipstick is ideal for brides who want to have a vintage appeal as it is a classic lipstick color. You will definitely get everybody’s attention with your red lips. To make it stand out even more, see to it that your skin is smooth and have a natural eye makeup.

Have some sheen on your lips by using a lip gloss. A lip balm or gloss can be used to protect your lips as well as to keep its shine.

wedding makeup tips, you also need to harmonize your wedding dress and accessories for a perfect appeal