Bridal Wedding Makeup Tips

To look radiant, beautiful and elegant on your wedding day, wedding makeup is necessary.  A fashionable wedding dress is not complete if the bride will march down the aisle without any makeup.  The makeup must not alter the look of the bride but should enhance her natural beauty.

The bulk of the work lies on the hands of the wedding makeup artist where the bride’s features will be further enhanced by giving her the best wedding makeup.

Eyes say it all; hence, it must be played up to the maximum.  A thinly pulverized powder, concealer and a faintly colored gloss will give you a risqué and Mediterranean look.  Curl herr lashes and accentuate herr eyes by using a good eyeliner.

A natural blush on her cheeks will ensure that you will be the Blushing Bride.  An excellent blush color is apricot or pink, as it suits any skin tone.

Make her lips kissable with the proper color of lipstick.

The bride will look confident and elegant with the help of a good wedding makeup artist.

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