Choosing the Right Shadow for Blue Eyes

The eyes must be given importance when putting on makeup particularly on your wedding. The choice of eye wedding makeup will depend on your eye color. Here are some tricks for blue-eyed brides.

Select a color palette to highlight your blue eyes. One or two colors can achieve a natural daylight look. Use a bolder color on the crease or eyeliner for a dramatic effect in the evenings.

Use softer shadows for light blue eyes while darker shadows for darker blue eyes. Darker hues like lavender, navy, copper hues, mauve and charcoal will define the shape of your eye sockets. Eye liner can be used as alternative. Bright aqua, striking pink or silver are other color options.

Choose a lighter blue shadow if this is your choice of color but apply a slim streak of darker shade near your lash line using a moist eyeliner brush.

The kind of look you want to project and the dress style must likewise be considered when applying wedding makeup. Be daring and try the new colors of eyeshadow.

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  1. Thank you!!! I have a hard time with eye shadow and I can’t wait to try some of these tips for my big day!

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