Edgy Wedding Hairstyle for Hair with Natural Curls

Women with natural curls usually had a problem styling their hair. So choosing a wedding hairstyle for this type of hair may make them anxious. Here is what you can do:

Daily washing is not recommended to curly hair. Curls dry out with shampoo so use a conditioner as an alternative.

Use a good quality blow-dryer for your curls. To avoid curls from frizzing out, use a diffuser.

Apply a curl cream to keep the shape of the curls. Squeeze a small amount, melt it into your palms and run throughout the locks.

To get the edgy hairstyle, make a deep side part. Make a French braid and use bobby pins to fasten it. Keep the pins hidden by pushing them beneath the slack curls.

Use the fingers to make the curls look bigger. Apply more curl cream and finally spurt some hairspray to keep the waves intact.

This edgy wedding hairstyle is a revolutionary asymmetrical look that fits natural curly hair. It can also be worn by brides with longer hair, wavy or straight hair. The asymmetrical look is likewise ideal for those with unmanageable curls.