Eye Wedding Makeup Techniques

Feb. 28 A

Eye makeup can make your eyes look prettier, glamorous, dramatic, etc. This all depends on your makeup artist and on how you want to look, too. Following are some eye makeup techniques that you can choose to have as part of your wedding makeup.

Feb. 28 B

Create a Soft and Glimmer Eye Makeup with light pastel color shadows. The pink and peach shades will flatter any skin tone. Adding a little glimmer will give focus to the eyes in a subtle way. Match your makeup with soft, natural hues.

Feb. 28 C

For a Pretty Eye Makeup Look, emphasize the beauty of your eyes. Use neutral or soft hues and blend it well.

Feb. 28 D

Accentuate the Eyes by using a medium to dark eye shadow. Apply eye shadow on the crease and slightly blend up and out to emphasize the eyes. Make a small ā€œVā€ by applying a small speck of shadow on the lower lid to frame the eyes.

Feb. 28 E

Define your eyes with eyeliner. Kohl eye pencil liner is perfect for the top lid. Line the top lid with short, tiny strokes and mix the streak together. Do the same on the lower lid, but do not go farther than three-fourths.

Feb. 28 F

Add highlight if you use neutral shades of eye shadow. Apply cream or nude tone shadow to the inside corner of each eye and the brow bone. This will make your eye to look bigger and livelier.

Feb. 28

Follow the sequel to this eye wedding makeup tips on my next post.