Eye Wedding Makeup Tip for Brides with Deep Set Eyes bi

Recognizing the shapes of your eyes will help you to apply the right kind of eye wedding makeup. Naturally defined, the outer eyelids of deep set eyes are visible and get thinner in the inside corners.

Create a wistful look by applying a shimmery eye shadow on the upper lid starting from the inner corner moving to the outer corner of the eyes.
Use vivid shadows like beige, peach or pale pink to highlight the eyes. Apply this on the base of the lashes and spread it out all over the brow bone.

Use a medium light base starting from the center of the pupil and move outwards. Brush it upwards along the brow bone by following the natural line of the eye.

Create an excellent shadow by applying the darkest shade on the outer corner of the upper lid and move toward the lash line.

Apply a slim line of liner starting from the center part of the lids moving towards the outer edge of the eye. Thicken and lengthen the line to the external edge and slightly smudge it. Liner must be close to the base of the lash line.

Finally, curl lashes and apply mascara.

Applying eye wedding makeup is very easy for deep set eyes with the above tips.