Factors to Consider for Your Wedding Makeup

Jan. 15 A

Do you know that the type of makeup to wear on your big day depends on a lot of things? Read on and find out the factors to consider for your wedding makeup.

Jan. 15 B

The Time.

Will it be during the day or night? Makeup for day weddings should look more natural while night weddings should be more sophisticated.

Jan. 15 C

The Venue

Is it an indoor or outdoor wedding? Go for a softer makeup for an outdoor wedding because the lights are brighter and go natural for an indoor wedding.

Jan. 15 D

The Lighting

Various lighting necessitates various makeup styles. A stronger makeup is preferred for night time lighting and a natural-looking makeup for day time lighting, as there is more illumination during the day.

Jan. 15 E

The Dress Color

A glamorous makeup style suits an off-white and ivory colored dress because it makes the skin look softer. Use softer colors to enhance your face if your dress is white. White is strong and washes out the face.

Jan. 15 F

The Dress Style

Opt for a classier hair and makeup style for a dress with a stronger neckline. A simple makeup is ideal for a shorter dress.

Jan. 15 G

Use the above tips for a great and well-matched wedding makeup style!