Feel Glamorous with a Long Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Do not be upset if your hair is curly as you can still have a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Long curly hairstyles are romantic, sexy and most of all, versatile.

Look for a highly skilled wedding hairstylist and discuss the kind of hairstyle that you want. Let her evaluate your hair type so she can recommend what suits you best. A good hairstylist would recommend that you trim your hair a few weeks prior to your wedding. This will remove the unhealthy ends and will give you a conditioning treatment to keep your lock healthy and hydrated.

You can keep your soft and natural curls or if you do not have natural curls, your options are: get big and bouncy curls, flowing curls or springy curls.

For a relaxed and romantic style, hair can be pulled halfway at the back or just wear it down. Comb the bangs on the sides and tease the hair at the top of your head. Another option is to blow dry your bangs for a “beehive” look.

To make your curly wedding hairstyle formal, make a pile of curls on top of your head by pulling your hair up. Use pins to hold the curls.