Give a New Touch to Common Wedding Hairstyles this 2013

Let us welcome 2013 with a big bang and if you are planning to get married this year, check out some of these wedding hairstyles.

Have a youthful and natural appeal by donning a ponytail flip for a modern hairstyle. Make a loose ponytail. Grasp it away from the neck and separate it in two by using your fingers. Bring the ponytail length on the top and bring it down via the opening in the strands. Turn the ends up and fasten it on the nape. Let some strands to fall loosely for a softer look.

Give the Classic Updo a different look by wearing an exquisite headpiece, tiara, headband or wedding veil. Try various hair accessories when you do your hairstyle test with your wedding hairstylist. Take some pictures on different angles so you can get a good picture of how you look.

The Top Knot is a great choice to wear together with a headband and a long veil. This hairstyle is often worn by professional models as it outlines the natural contour of the face.

Perfect for brides who do not want to wear the classical updo but want their face to be seen is the Side Bun. This gives a bride a more romantic and informal appeal. Accentuate this wedding hairstyle by wearing a striking comb or tiny dainty flowers.