Go Easy with the Bohemian Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

Feb. 18 A

Some couples would want to have an exclusive theme for their wedding. A few may choose to go a bit dramatic, or choose an era-themed wedding. Brides can go easy with loose curls with an unfussy braid or the bohemian vintage wedding hairstyle to suit this theme.

Feb. 18 B

Brush hair to smoothen and remove any frizz. Sprits a small amount of hairspray.

Part your hair into two sections making the other section thicker than the other. Curl hair starting from the root moving to the tip using a curling iron.

Feb. 18 C

Break up the curls by running your fingers or using a wide toothed brush through the hair.

Get the thicker section and make an unfussy 3-way braid.

Feb. 18 D

Leave a few strands to fall off around your face. Get half of your hair and draw it from one ear to the other to give the crown a little lift. Secure with bobby pins.

Feb. 18 E

Fasten the other strands with bobby pins to establish texture and spritz with hairspray. You can put small flowers for accentuation.

Feb. 18 F

This unfussy bohemian vintage wedding hairstyle is easy and elegant.