Guidelines to Achieve a Perfect Wedding Makeup

Weddings are always special. Although there are two individuals involved in this ceremony, the bride is the center of attention where everybody’s eyes are focused on her. Everyone expects the bride to look her best from head to toe. This total look comprises of her wedding hairstyle, makeup, dress and how she carries herself from the time she steps out of the bridal car up to the last minute of the celebration. Therefore, most brides prefer to have a rehearsal a few days before the big day.

Wedding makeup as part of the bride’s total look must then be handled expertly. Just a single flaw, no matter how small it is, will ruin everything leaving a bad impression for the guests.

Having a good makeup includes having an unblemished skin and the proper choice of makeup colors. Here are some guidelines to look at your best on your wedding.

Use translucent color corrector and put olive green tinted moisturizer to conceal red skin.

Use copper or chestnut color instead of a pink blush.

Use orange-gold, orange-red, warm beige, copper, caramel or cream for lip color. Other good options are blue-reds, magenta, fuchsia, lilac or pink. When applying lip color, ensure to make lips look fuller and luscious.