Guidelines to Observe for Your Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is extremely important. It must last for the whole day and most importantly, must make you look exactly you and better. Hiring the services of a well-qualified wedding makeup artist is the best thing that you can do. However, it is also essential that you understand some guidelines that must be observed.

1. Exaggeration is a big no-no! This can make a clown out of you.

2. Eyebrows must be properly groomed. Eyebrows frame the eyes. Properly groomed eyebrows will bring out the best of your facial features.

3. Make sure that the right colors are used. Colors must blend well with your skin tone. For example, a darker shade of foundation will not make your skin to look tan but will make you look strange.

4. Do not make your lashes look chunky or clumpy. Make sure your lashes will look naturally long and thick. Use waterproof mascara to avoid them from smearing your face if you shed a tear. Check the brushes, too.

5. Give focus on your eyes or lips. It cannot be both. Choose only one and play it up. If you are not sure what part of your face should be given accent, ask your groom. He would know this, for sure.

Again, makeup is used to accentuate your features and make it better. This is even more essential for your wedding makeup.