How to Create Perfect Curls for Your Wedding Hairstyle

Curls are usually a common choice to have as part of any hairstyle and this also applies when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Here are a few tips to create perfect curls on your big day.

It is essential to treat your hair before the wedding. Healthy hair will have more shine and a few frizz. Get a deep conditioning treatment at least a month and a half particularly if your hair is dry or colored. Have a trim a few weeks prior to the big day to get the right shape and remove any split ends.

Shampoo hair with clarifying shampoo a day before the wedding to remove any build-up of oil, etc. Follow it up with a good conditioner. Do not apply conditioner on the hair roots if you have fine hair. Alternatively, leave the conditioner for a few minutes if your hair is thick and dry so it can seep in the roots up to the ends.

Blow dry hair using a blow dryer with a diffuser on the morning of your wedding. Do this while your head is upside down to give your hair roots a natural lift and more body.

Gather a small section of your hair starting at your nape. Get the curling iron and wrap this section around it but do not clamp it. Hold it for a few seconds, then release. Work this all the way around your head. Ensure to exchange the direction of the curls as well as the size of the sections to create a more natural curly look.

Spritz some hair spray to keep the curls. To give the curls a more natural look, run your fingers through them.

So there, now you are ready to march down the aisle with your curly wedding hairstyle.