How to do the French Braid Bun Wedding Hairstyle

The French braid has a lot of variations. Following is one which you can have as your wedding hairstyle.

Here are the mechanics.

Brush hair thoroughly to remove any tangles and knots.

Part your hair on the natural side then get a small section.
Divide the small section of hair into three equal parts.

French braid the small sections. Ensure that the braid is diagonally across your head.
Use a hair tie to fasten the braid.

Coil the braid up and in to make a small bun.
Use bobby pins to fasten the bun either above or next to the ear (whichever is your preference).

Use glittery clips, pins, gemstones or flowers to decorate the braided bun.
Hair that has been washed hours before is better as it will hold the braid better. Newly washed hair is a little slippery.

This wedding hairstyle is very simple but do not try to do it if you do not trust yourself well. Sometimes it is better to rely on the expert rather than messing it yourself particularly on your wedding!