How to Have a Long-lasting Wedding Makeup

How to make your wedding makeup long lasting is one of the concerns of any bride. Wearing too much makeup is not the answer but to keep it as natural and gentle as possible. Here are some guidelines on how to make your wedding makeup long lasting.

Wash your skin well and apply a moisturizing day cream or serum. Soak a towel in ice or cooled water and compress it to your face. Leave it on for a few minutes prior to putting on makeup.

Foundation can last longer by following these tips:

• Exfoliate your skin to smoothen it out. Foundation lasts longer when the skin is smoother.
• Using a primer will maximize the duration of your makeup.

• Wait for the moisturizer or primer to dry up before applying foundation.
• Foundation is very important to keep a long lasting wedding makeup. It also covers all the flaws or blemishes of your skin.

• Always apply foundation 10 minutes after you have applied moisturizing cream.
• Use a sponge when applying foundation for an even application then apply a moderate layer of powder after a few minutes

The best way to keep your foundation long lasting is through glazing and any wedding makeup artist knows this. This is accomplished by wetting your hands and pressing them gently on your skin after you have applied the foundation.