How to Have a Radiant Wedding Makeup Look

The wedding preparation can lessen the bride’s radiant look. Achieve a radiant wedding makeup look by playing up with colors.

Match light, shimmering shadow match with a dark liner and bright colored lipstick. A single color on the lids will highlight your natural eye color while a combination of hues will accentuate your eyes shape.

Make your eyes look wide and stunning with a darker tone near the lids’ lower area and lighter hues towards the eyebrows.

Accentuate blue or dark green eyes with a dark shadow. Make your eyes look full and joyful with dark and thick shadow together with dark liner and mascara.

Bring out your natural lip color with a lustrous pink lipstick. Harmonize it with a dark shadow on the lids making it lighter as you move outwards. Put a light blush on your cheekbones while a darker blush under it. Lastly, apply dark liner and mascara.

Avoid your ordinary makeup look by applying thick black liner matched with the classic red lipstick for a more formal and chic wedding makeup appeal.

Make eyes and lips arresting with cat eyeliner and a pinky-red lip color. Let your cheekbones appear as natural as possible to accentuate your lovely lips.