How to Have the Dewy Wedding Makeup Look

Your wedding may not be the time to experiment. However, this is still possible as long as you allot enough time for this and hire the services of a highly skilled wedding makeup artist.

The matte makeup is known for having a glamorous and edgy appeal by focusing, on the cheekbones and contours of the face. Moving to another kind of appeal, though, may be necessary for a softer look and to make you look youthful. Donning the dewy makeup look is the best method to achieve this.

Wash face with a creamy facial wash and pat it dry. Rub moisturizer into your cheekbones and swirl it gently so the skin can fully absorb it.

Apply foundation on your face and neck for a spotless, even-toned effect. Choose a foundation that is close to your skin color. Blend it well.

Apply cream blush on cheeks. The rosy, pink and peach colors work excellently for the dewy makeup look. Ensure that you blend it smoothly.

For the final touch, put a thin layer of liquid highlighter on top of the cream blush for a sparkly look. Dab a tiny speck of clear lip gloss right in the middle of your cheeks. Blend it well and gently on the whole cheeks using your ring finger. Add a little shine to lengthen the dewy look without going overboard. Observe subtlety.

The dewy wedding makeup look gives you a more natural, charming and softer appeal.