How to Look Better with Your Wedding Makeup

This is your big day and you do not want it to be spoiled. Hence, you have given the best of your ability to manage things. With some help from your family, relatives and friends, your wedding will absolutely be the culmination of your biggest dreams. Your wedding dress, the entourage, the ceremony, reception, hairdo and makeup – everything falls perfectly right. However, to achieve a perfect and natural wedding makeup, you need to observe a few things.

Avoid getting exposed to too much sun. You do not want to see your skin peeling off. A light tan on your skin and a tinted moisturizer for your face can avoid a pale look. Warm your skin tone by using a bronze powder. Choose foundation and moisturizer in yellow shades to look better with flash pictures.

Iridescent, shiny type of makeup, colors and powders must be avoided if flashbulbs will be used for the wedding pictures. They will make your face to look shiny on your photos. Applying loose powder with a light brush would be more ideal.

Always remember that regardless of the kind of wedding makeup you are to wear, it is important to have an even skin tone and use good quality makeup.

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  1. I never considered that iridescent makeup would make your face look shiny in flash photos. Great tips to get things started!

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