How to Look Natural with Your Wedding Makeup

Feb. 8 A

Is it possible to look natural even with makeup? Yes, it is possible; and brides who want to have a natural wedding makeup look can obtain this by following these tips.

Feb. 8 B

1. The most important factor to obtain a natural makeup look is to make your skin as clear as possible, free from any blemishes. Thus, you need to practice a good skin routine to make it smooth and faultless.

Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

2. Apply a tinted moisturizer that is close to your skin tone. Tinted moisturizer will make your skin more visible through makeup because it is airy and light. A plain tinted moisturizer is enough if you have an even skin tone. Use a liquid foundation with a natural finish if you have an uneven skin tone.

Feb. 8 D

3. Use an eyebrow brush so it will go in a single direction. It is recommended to follow the natural shape of your brows. Follow this up with an eyebrow pencil.

Feb. 8 E

4. Use a flesh shade of eye shadow with a few specks of copper or gold on your lower lid.

Feb. 8 f

5. Apply mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. Do not apply too much; just make it a little thicker. Use a metal lash brush to remove clumps. Curl them well.

Feb. 8 G

6. Use a flesh shade matte lip color for your lips.

7. Use a burnt peach blush or bronzer to highlight your cheek bones.

Feb. 8 H

The above tips will definitely make you look so natural with your wedding makeup.