How to Manage Your Hair Type for a Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Hairstylists may be able to help you achieve a nice wedding hairstyle. However, it is important that you manage your hair type to make the job easier.

Following are some guidelines on how you can improve your hair type for a perfect wedding hairstyle.

For Curly Hair. Ironing will only tame the curls for an hour or so. The best thing to do is to use styling products that can fight humidity to keep your curls at bay. Make use of pins to hold your hair in place.

For Fine Hair. A simple hairstyle is better like an updo since you will not worry about it getting limp. Add a few baby braids, twists or loops. Make use of hair accessories, too. Updo must be a little messy to create an appearance of fullness.

For Straight Hair. If you want to have a wedding hairstyle with some curls, go for loose and big waves. You can also go for a bow-like or one sided French twist. Use a mega light shine product to augment the sleek look of your hair if you prefer to wear it up.

2 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Hair Type for a Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

  1. My mom wants to see my natural curls for my wedding but I
    want to straighten my hair and wear the hi-low updo hairstyle. I kind of
    suspected that ironing wouldn’t last for the duration of the wedding even
    though when I get it done on my hair it usually lasts about 3 hours. It’s
    probably best that I buy some hair straightening products and see what brand
    works best for my hair.

  2. I have fine and straight hair, so I’m probably better off
    with updo hairstyle and maybe add a little bit of wave or curl to add some
    volume. I wish my hair was a bit thicker so I could have bigger curls that last
    hours and not mere minutes. I really love the first hairstyle but I’ll probably
    have to settle with the last one.

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