How to Use Flowers in Your Wedding Hairstyle

Dec. 28 A

The use of flowers in your wedding hairstyle can add a romantic touch to the occasion. To use flowers in your wedding hairstyle, follow these tips:

Dec. 28 B

Seek advice from your wedding hairstylist and florist. They are the appropriate person who can suggest the right hairstyle and flowers that will suit your wedding theme. The florist knows what flowers are good for your skin so as to avoid skin irritation.

Dec. 28 C

Keep the flowers in the fridge so they stay fresh during the wedding event.

Dec. 28 D

If your budget will allow it, get a trial on the kind of flowers to use on your big day so you will know if these will last longer. The ideal flowers should not wilt after a few hours.

Dec. 28 E

Ensure to remove the pollen part of the flower to prevent them from smudging your wedding dress.

Dec. 28 G

Floral accessories are good options if you do not want to use fresh flowers. Choose hair accessories that incorporate floral accents. Artificial flowers are also good alternatives but choose those that look real.

Dec. 28 F

The use of flowers in your wedding hairstyle is a popular choice among brides because it adds to the quixotic and dreamy appeal of a wedding.