In Search for a Wedding Hair Stylist

The secret to having a good wedding hair style is hiring a professional hairstylist.  You will not have a big problem if you have a trusted stylist but if you do not have one, you can search the internet, bridal magazines or ask for referrals.  If you finally found one, set a meeting with your hair stylist and observe the following.

Gather pictures on how you want your hair done. 

Wear a white T-shirt that has the same neckline with that of your bridal gown. 

Take pictures of you with every hair style on every angle (front, back and on both sides).  Take note of the methods and products used if a particular hair style passes your tastes.

Check your budget, as this will decide on where you want your hair to be styled (in your home or at the salon) as well as the hair stylist’s scope of work.

Have a written agreement with the stylist and give a deposit.

Following the above tips will ensure you to have a good wedding hair style.