Incorporate a Braid in your Wedding Hairstyle Updo

Feb. 6 A

Braiding the hair to create a bun is one of the many new hairstyles that exude elegance and a classical appeal. The style of braiding and how it was placed greatly influence the total look of the hairstyle.

Feb. 6 H

Spice up the classical and loose updos with braids. Braid hair loosely to make a loose updo while braid hair tightly for the classical updo. These braiding styles for both types of updos are more appropriate as the braids match the complete style of the hairdo.

Feb. 6 B

The use of braids in updos can do away with the use of hair accessories, particularly for brides who want a minimalist look with regards to the use of adornment.

Feb. 6 I

Working as a natural headband is a braid at the crown that can draw a lot of attention and encouraging remarks.

Feb. 6 E

Incorporating a French or Fishtail braid is another good option to having a casual or very formal hairstyle look with a different twist.

Feb. 6 G

Braids suit any age and provide the classic elegance appropriate to any bride.

Feb. 6 F

Ask your wedding hairstylist to try various braiding styles to find which type of “combi-braid-updo” hairstyle suits you well.