Look Natural with Your Wedding Makeup

Feb. 16 C

Makeup techniques are almost the same. However, a few adjustments have to be made with regards to skin type, personal preference and weather. Wedding makeup artists should see to it that the bride is confident and comfortable with the makeup. As a wedding makeup artist, the following are the most vital elements to achieve a faultless picture-ready makeup.

Feb. 16 A

The foundation should match your skin type and tone. Powder foundation is not long lasting. Airbrush foundation is the best. It lasts longer because it is tear and sweat-proof and transfer-resistant. This makes your skin look unblemished, making it look real.

Feb. 16 D

The primer adds to the staying power of the makeup and fills fine lines and pores. It also helps to even out the color. Eye primers are vital to avoid the wearing out of the eye shadow and liner when tears start to come.

Feb. 16 E

The makeup colors must harmonize with the wedding dress, hair accessories and jewelries. This is the purpose of the try out session with your makeup artist to avoid the mess up of colors. Bronzers and blush help to improve the color and shape of your face.

Feb. 16 F

Committing yourself to maintain your look is the best! Although makeup is necessary, you do not need to put up a front and make your guests, particularly your husband to stare and ask if it is really you. Makeup is meant to enhance your best features and bring out your real beauty. So do not settle for something less, choose a highly proficient wedding makeup artist to make you look natural yet glamorous.