Look Perfect in Your Wedding Photos with these Wedding Makeup Tips

Although most brides have a certain glow on this special day, they still need the necessity to be made up but not to the point of looking like a clown. I have listed a few wedding makeup tips so you will look perfect in your wedding photographs.

Choose an efficient wedding makeup artist.

Set an appointment with your makeup artist for a makeup rehearsal.

A soft matte look is perfect for pictures so use powder-based makeup. This needs only a few retouches.

Choose eye shadow, lip liner and color that are enduring.

Use waterproof mascara ONLY!

Bring some relatives and friends with you during the makeup dry run. Ask and listen for their comments.

Bring rice paper blotting papers to avoid looking cakey.

It is not necessary to use an expensive brand if your budget does not allow it. What is essential is that the wedding makeup will highlight your best features.

Bear in mind that a good wedding makeup must not alter your looks but must enhance your features for a more appealing YOU.