Make the Most of Your Wedding Makeup Trial

After you have found the right wedding makeup artist, you need to make sure that you get to have a trial. The success of the makeup rehearsal means a lot, as it gives you an assurance that you will look perfect on your big day. To make the most of your wedding makeup trial, follow these tips.

Be Definite. Ensure that your makeup artist understands what you want. Tell her if you want to have a natural-looking makeup. Inform what part of your eyes you want to accentuate or underplay. So if you tell her to focus on your eyes, she will be able to suggest a more dramatic eye makeup and a neutral lip color. Make sure that you make your statements clear so she will understand what you really want.

Show your Materials. Collect makeup photos taken from bridal sites and magazines including the makeup brands that you like.

Take Notes and Pictures during the Makeup Trial. List the brands and colors that were used during the rehearsal.

The abovementioned tips are very essential so make sure that you are prepared for your wedding makeup trial.