Make Your Wedding Hairstyle Stay through the Day

One of the difficult things to maintain in any special occasion, like in weddings, is the hairstyle. If it is not properly done, it can go wayward from the time the veil is removed. Wedding hairstyle must remain intact from the time the bride walks down the aisle all through the reception for more photo shoots.

Following are some methods to keep your hair looking good and to minimize hanging hairs particularly for those curls.

Choose the right curling iron for your type of hair. Likewise, buy one that has a 7 – 8 heat setting to keep your curls bouncy and long-lasting.

After having the needed curls to your wedding hairstyle, use an anti-humidity hairspray. Whether it is a full or half updo, spurting an anti-humidity hairspray will keep every curl from falling and getting wiry.

Spray it one more time to make sure everything is primed.

Using bobby pins can also keep those curls from falling. A good wedding hair stylist knows how to use and hide bobby pins to keep your hair intact.

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  1. It might also be good to talk to your stylist about ways you or some of your bridesmaids can do a cook touch-up on your hair (such as right before the reception) to keep it nice and fresh.

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