Manage Your Hair Type for a Better-Looking Wedding Hairstyle

Make your wedding hairstyle look better by learning how to manage your hair type.

Avoid oily hair to get greasier by applying a hair refresher so it stays cleaner and dryer. You can also put a dash of baby powder. Pat it on the hair evenly so hair will not look white.

Long hair offers you several wedding hairstyle choices. You can wear it down or up. The edgy ponytail is ideal for long hair with loads of layers or hair that is shoulder-length. If you decide to wear it down and your wedding dress is backless, apply a non-greasy gel so it will not fasten to your back.

Short hair or chin-length hair can have a few curls. Use a volumizing hair spray to keep the curls.

Avoid the damaged ends of chemically colored hair by opting to have a French twist. Tame the strands and maximize its shine by applying some pomade.

If you want to use jewellery on your hair, the ideal hairstyle would be an updo. This will make you elegant and will show off your nice jewelleries.