Nice and Easy-to-Manage Hair for a Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Planning for your wedding involves plenty of things to consider. First, there is the date, venue, theme of the wedding, lists of primary and secondary sponsors and of course, the most important items that concern you. This refers to your bridal dress, wedding hairstyle and makeup, shoes and accessories. With all of these things to consider, you may forget to give yourself some indulgence that is necessary to have a nice and easy-to-manage hair as well as a smooth skin.

Beauty prep should be observed 2 – 4 months prior to the wedding and must start from the top. So, let us start on your hair.

Have a head massage with ayurvedic oil to condition your scalp and hair roots.

Keep the shine and luster of your hair by spraying it with a mist containing essential oils after washing and drying hair.

Another good conditioner alternative is stale beer. Use a day old beer to rinse hair.

If you want to color your hair, consult your wedding hairstylist four or three months before the wedding to choose the right color and have it colored to avoid disasters.