Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup Tips

Looking beautiful in person is not only what matters during your wedding but you also must look stunning even in pictures. To make sure that your wedding makeup is picture perfect, follow these makeup tricks.

See to it that makeup blends beautifully. To check this, position yourself in direct sunlight as soon as you have applied the foundation. Ask someone to take a photo of your jaw line. Switch the tone of the foundation if it is visible. Foundation, blush and concealer must blend well and must not show signs of clumping or harsh lines.

Enhance your features by using the proper highlighter. Use a cream or powder formula highlighter. Apply it on the length of your cheekbones, the inside corner of your eyes and a little beneath the end of your eyebrows. Use a non-shimmery formula, if you want it to be more noticeable, along the center of your nose and jaw. Your bone structure will become more prominent with highlighting, slim down your features slimmer and make it distinct.

When applied around the eyes, highlighter will give additional vividness and will draw attention to the color of your eyes.