Pre-Wedding Day Tips for a Lovelier Wedding Makeup

Present a lovelier you on your wedding by following these pre-wedding day tips.

Have your brows waxed 3 – 5 days prior to your big day. It would also help if you could wax your brows two months prior to the wedding to check the presence of any reactions or redness.

Schedule a makeup rehearsal if you decide on getting the services of a wedding makeup artist. Do not settle for less; choose a professional and an experienced makeup artist. Make sure to follow-up with your makeup artist 2 weeks in advance to verify if they will be able to do the service on the scheduled date.

Have someone with you during your wedding makeover. It can be a friend or a member of the family. It is better to pick someone who knows your good features and knows something about makeup.

Make sure to list all the items or products that were used during your pre-wedding rehearsal session. This will help your wedding makeup artist on using the exact products used to avoid any problems.

Check the Internet for the different styles of wedding makeup. You can have them uploaded on your mobile or whatever techie device you have and show them to your makeup artist.