Prepare Your Face for Your Wedding Makeup

Even if a wedding makeup artist will do your face on your big day, it is still essential to take care of your skin.

Wash your face with a moisturizing soap.
Apply a lip conditioner or balm to soften your lips and make them look younger.

Always remove makeup before going to sleep. With the so many activities to attend to before your wedding, you need to look at your best requiring you to put on makeup.
Do not depend on yourself or friends for skin problems. Visit your dermatologist instead.

If you want to have a tan, do it 6 – 5 months prior to the big day.
Submit yourself to a facial session.

Deep cleanse skin with a moisturizer before the wedding makeup session. Although a highly skilled makeup artist will do your face, it is still a factor to have a nice and smooth canvas.

Choose a makeup that suits the weather and time of your wedding. Smokey eye shadow and red lipstick does not look good for a 2 o’clock wedding. A softer makeup look is ideal for an early wedding.

Always remember that your objective is to have a wedding makeup that will make you to look stunning and classy as possible.