Short Haircuts: Suitable Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

Some women prefer sporting a short wedding haircut even on their wedding as they look better and are more comfortable with it.

The pixie cut suit any kind of face shape when done correctly. Wear long side-swept bangs to hide a high forehead and bring attention to your eyes.

For a round face, keep the top long and the side very short. A round face will have more shape and symmetry with a sleek and angular long layered cut. Make your face look slimmer and lengthier by adding volume to your hair top.

Oval-faced brides can choose to have any kind of cut. Those with a strong personality can have the blunt bob.

A thin, long faced bride should choose a shorter or longer cut than the length of her chin. Part at the side deeply for extra fullness on the face and make it look more oval.

High cheek-boned brides can have any hairstyle like the oval-faced. A sleek, straight cut will accentuate your cheekbones even more.

Brides with long neck must have a cut that is longer than the chin. A longer bob is nice or any straight, blunt cut will do.

Square-faced brides must have a below the jaw straight cut and part the hair slightly off midpoint.

Heart-shaped brides must have a shorter than chin length cut. Side-swept bangs suit a heart-shaped face beautifully.

Short hair is not a big issue as there are plenty of wedding hairstyles that can be worn on your wedding regardless of your face shape.