Side-Style Bouffant Ponytail for an Uncomplicated Simple Wedding Hairstyle

Depending on the theme of your wedding, venue and time, you can choose to have an extravagant or simple wedding hairstyle. An easy to do hairdo is the ponytail that can be made in several variations. One of its variations that you can don is the side-style ponytail. Side-style ponytail also has different styles. Let us focus on the side-style bouffant ponytail.

Separate the left upper section of hair.

Get a 1-inch section of hair and pull it tightly to a 45-degree position. Brush hair backwards in descending movements.

Grab another inch section and repeat step 2. Repeat this step until all the hair strands were smooth.

Get the left upper section of the hair, brush it and slackly pull it to one area. Spray this section using a medium hold hair spray.

Drag the ponytail and coil it.

Pull the coil up and fasten it with bobby pins. Use an elastic to hold the ponytail.

When choosing a wedding hairstyle, always go for one that you are confident on wearing.