Simply Fresh and Blooming Wedding Makeup Look

There are various types of wedding makeup that a bride can choose from ranging from the bold, dramatic, natural or the simply and blooming look. The latter is almost similar to having a natural look that focuses on the bride’s smooth complexion and good features.

Flesh, peach and pinks shades are perfect colors that will blend well with fair skin tone.

The airbrush technique of applying foundation will create a more perfect finish compared to the traditional foundation. The former is more natural and flawless.

Use a light taupe shade to create natural arched eyebrows.

Use the fleshy shades on the eyes. Attach fine hair false eyelashes to make them look more real.

Apply a thin eye liner on both the lower and upper eyelash line.

Use the peach shade to highlight cheeks. Emphasize the cheekbones by applying it on the apple of the cheeks.

Have a natural rosy pout effect on your lips by mixing pink, beige and nude shades.

This simply natural wedding makeup will definitely give you a blooming appeal that everyone will adore.