Sleep and Diet for a Perfect Wedding Makeup

Jan. 23 C

One of the most important pre-bridal tips that should be observed is to have a restful sleep and a nutritious diet. Sleep and diet work hand in hand to clear your skin, which you need for a stunning wedding makeup look. Both will let your skin to glow from under and on the surface.

Jan. 23 B

The lack of sleep can result to under eye circles. Although you can use a concealer to hide dark under eye circles, it still looks different if you do not have them.

Jan. 23 E

Besides, it is not just the dark circles under your eye that should concern you, but the sparkle in your eyes. Less and disturbed sleep can take the glow out of your eyes.

Jan. 23 D

Get a good serving of fruits, vegetables and protein. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium. All of these are essential in keeping your skin healthy and making you to feel well.

Jan. 23 A

With all the stress brought by the planning and preparation stage of the wedding, you need a good sleep and foods that will keep you looking radiant with your wedding makeup.