Some Tips for a Beach Wedding Makeup

A beach wedding is ideal for outdoorsy couples. Nevertheless, the bride must take into account how the sun and sand will mirror the colors and textures of her wedding makeup.

If you are planning to have your wedding on the beach, avoid having much shimmer on your eyes. Brilliant spots on your face can be produced when the sun’s glare catches the shimmer shadows on your eyes. An extremely glossy and brightly colored lipstick would look great and can be the focal point during your photo sessions.

Do not apply too much foundation. Choose a good brand of foundation. A few mineral powder foundations fairly reflect light. Foundation can also be omitted if you have flawless skin.

Use an eye concealer to hide those dark circles.

Opt to have matte brightly-colored lipstick to have some burst of color on your face.

Beach wedding makeup is different from the usual makeup. You have to think of the sun’s light, as this is not the same as that of the fluorescent or incandescent lights. Always think of how the colors will look like under the sun.