Step by Step Guide to do the Braided Wedding Hairstyle Updo

Jan. 25 A

The braided wedding updo is not only elegant but is very easy to do. It is one of those wedding hairstyles that will stay neat and clean.

Jan. 25 B

Part your hair starting from the top down to your nape. Pin hair on the left side. Get hair on the right side and make a French braid close to the top. Align the braid with the end of your ear. Tie with elastic.

Jan. 25 C

Unpin the hair on the left side. Section your hair at the crown and at the front. Pin the remaining hair. Assemble the hair at the crown and wrap it over the section at the top of the head. Pin the remaining hair on the left side and let it fall on the other remaining strands of that section. Coil the tip of the braid at the back of your head and fasten it securely with bobby pins. Put the pin vertically.

Jan. 25 D

Collect the hair and create a ponytail next to the tip of the braid. Tie with elastic. Put texture and volume by teasing the pony with a fine-toothed comb.

Jan. 25 E

Divide the pony into strand. Clip the tips on your head with bobby pins

Jan. 25 F

Keep hair in place by spraying a little amount of hair spray.

Jan. 25 G

The braided updo is ideal for brides with long and wavy hair. Accentuate your wedding hairstyle with natural or artificial flowers.